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Zirconia Crown in Istanbul

What is Zirconia: Zirconium is an element that was invented in 18th century and isolated for the first time in 19th century. Zirconium dioxide, a.k.a. zirconia, is a compound of zirconium. Corrosion resistance is a key aspect of zirconia and as a result it is used in many different fields. Durability and transparency make zirconia crown an indispensable material in dentistry, especially in dental aesthetics.

Zirconia Crowns – Beylikdüzü Dental Clinic

Why are Zirconia Crowns Widely Preferred?:

1. It is preferred when the patient is allergic to metals.

2. It has a great aesthetic look.

3. Does not leave a metallic taste in your mouth.

4. No discoloration for a very long time.

5. No side effects on the gum.

Zirconia Crowns Treatment Period

Zirconia crowning takes 5 to 10 days.

Zirconia Crowns – Prices – 2019

To learn more about prices of zirconia crowns click here.

Zirconia Crowns – Beylikdüzü – Appointment

In addition to offering affordable prices, Beylikdüzü Dental Clinic provides quality and trustworthy service to its’ patients with 28 years of experience. In order to start your treatment, you can create an appointment for free examination here by following these procedures:

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