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For properly made and lifetime guaranteed implants we are waiting for you with our specialist physicians.

For a successful orthodontics application
we are waiting to serve you with our professional physicians.

To make the process of canal treatment easy for you and we offer a professional treatment with our specialist physicians to ensure you have healthy teeth.

Painless and quick treatment less then 7 days.
we’re so excited to have the smile you want.

Painless and quick treatment less then 7 days.
we’re so excited to have the smile you want.

For your children, with our friendly physicians
we are at your service to make correct pedodontics treatments.

Muhyettin Yılmaz

Muhyettin Yılmaz

Nesimi Sofuoğlu
Maxillofacial Surgeon Specialist

Nesimi Sofuoğlu

Süha Alpay
Endodontics Specialist

Süha Alpay

Feride Şahin
Pedodontics Specialist

Feride Şahin

Health Corner
Dental Aesthetic – Hollywood Smile
Dental aesthetics is a type of application made in case of problems in the general appearance of teeth. The teeth to be aligned, aesthetic dental implants look, and at the same time, the healthy tooth structure has to construct to provide sure with a smile in every area of life....
Dental Prosthesis
What Is Dental Prosthesis? A dental implant involves the application of new artificial teeth to replace one, several, or all of the teeth that have been partially or entirely lost for various reasons or are not likely to be recovered. Prosthetic tooth construction is providing from two basic materials on...
Smile Design
Research has shown that when two people meet for the first time, they carefully observe each other’s eyes and mouth environment and make their first impressions accordingly. Naturally, having a healthy smile will help you to have a more definite idea of people as well as strong self-confidence. However, many...
What Is Diastema ?
Gaps or diastema between teeth of the fact that it has much more disproportionately than it should be is the given name. It is usually caused by the fact that the teeth are genetically too small or the jaw is genetically too large. As well as natural causes such as...
Porcelain Veneers
4 Things Must to Know before Porcelain Veneers  A porcelain veneers, as the name suggests, is a method of covering the surface of the tooth with porcelain material. This method is often preferred because of aesthetic anxiety and is done in a natural and beautiful smile. This method is designed...
Periodontal Diseases and Periodontal Treatments
How Is Periodontal Disease Prevented? Periodontal Disease and Periodontal Treatment; To prevent problems that occur in your gums, the patient must take responsibility for what needs to be done. The reason for such a situation is neglect, intra-oral cleaning, and dental care is not properly performed. For this reason, brushing...
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